Tender Madness

by Jenny Besetzt

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2016 Friends Records
This album is also available on CD and Cassette via Friends Records.



released July 15, 2016

John Wollaber - Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Brad Morton - Vocals/Guitar
Thomas McNeely - Bass
Hunter Allen - Drums

All Songs written by Jenny Besetzt
Engineered and Mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business
Mastered by Carl Saff
"Bicycle On Stone" by Yuri Carle

Jenny Besetzt would like to thank Kris Hilbert, Justin Flythe, Wing Dam, Kent Corley, Katei Cranford, Sara Bell, Jimmy and Everyone at Friends Records.



all rights reserved


Jenny Besetzt Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Authorless Speech
waiting for words to come that hold and carry
all the weight all the depth of my affection
I resign lately to abandon language
there are none our vocabulary offers
you are you are all I’ve ever wanted
more than boyhood dreams could have expected
I’d wait a great many more lifetimes over again
and writing the same ending would become so
much the same that I’d forget
do you fear the same things I do
conversations echoing through
empty hallways’ authorless speech
no familiar hand within reach
know that I am as scared as you
of the thought of losing you
can’t say what I’d do
Track Name: Black As The Night
Evelyn our sun has set
and turned me into colorless regret
Evelyn I’m seeing shine
the razor you’ve held underneath your tongue
isn’t it a dying wish
the hope that what was promised will still be
wire in the ribbon of
the folded perfect corners of your little lips
black as the night
emptiness speaks silence
the black speaks silence to me of everything
lost in the wake Evelyn stay
you are the life raft you are my faith
a fragile thing
night over waves
Evelyn stay
Track Name: Dorothy Everything's Fine
Dorothy everything’s fine
sister of mine waste no more effort
casting doubt in heavy handfuls
along the fault lines of
your worn enduring heart
near or apart
your blood remembers
sanctuary of sleep
under the sheets
in soft retreat
movie reels in our minds
we press rewind
the soundtrack billows
through our fragile fortress
made of bedding
of books and pillows
Dorothy did you forget
the beauty and strength
of our lone mother
no man will ever be
necessary to make you happy
you are all that you need
when will you see
your own beauty
Track Name: Lunar Talks
thrown away
in the savage and terrible wild
the labyrinthine corridors of
daydream’s ruins
an error in time bears a cruel seed
engines of our renewal
your methods are vile
turning over in deathless time
the machinery of our God’s eye
will it ever see
disappear from me
and I will disappear too
from you
waiting in oceans of
nightmare’s water
a medicine blue
in the light of our moon our heart
beating through clouded ribcage skies
into parsonage windows where
four hands commit two hearts to the night
unclean offerings
thrown away
in the savage and terrible wild
the labyrinthine corridors of
daydream’s ruins
an error in time bears a cruel seed
Track Name: Restlessness Memorialized
black endless highway
dotted with white
wasted and fearless
passenger side
the longest shadows
reach out and fall
the eyelashes of
suburban sprawl
hold my gaze city of light
promise me much more
restlessness memorialized
all I’ve waited for
deliver me from
the light shed by
factory rafters’
halogen sky
will we wait while our lives pass by
holding on with our eyes closed tight
what a long and lonely time I spent in quiet slow death
Track Name: Tender Madness
hallelujah I
came to Wednesday service
sing to me tonight
there’s a burning in my breast
burning down the building
daddy does his best
heavenly release
jealously the hymnals
fly into the streets
candle in my hand
adolescent fingers
dancing in the wax
hallelujah I
am bathed in tender madness
brought up in the light
your believer waits
quiet little sleeper
till the fever breaks
hours in their sight
faces in the wood grain
speak to me tonight
running down his cheek
tears of endless anguish
things he cannot speak
and if God was really there
listening to that man’s prayer
I’m ashamed of all the faith I had in Him
prayers on our lips
following the lines
rigid and unbroken
keeping us in time
keeping us awake
harbinger of light
instrument of Heaven
carry us away
sing to me
sing to me of
Track Name: The Rabbit
2CI running through my warm 22 year old veins
demons in the tree line flying by on highway six four
95 miles an hour my mind unwinding dissolves
held inside the torpedoing frame of Shannon’s blue Saab